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Health and Wellness

Mind and body

When a new employee joins the ArcelorMittal Dofasco family, he or she is not only choosing a career, but a lifestyle. It’s no secret that a happy and healthy workforce leads to a successful business and a strong community. For these reasons, and to encourage our workforce to have fun, Dofasco makes it easy for employees to get fit, learn about healthy choices and meet people.

Aside from the standard benefits like salary, pension and healthcare, Dofasco employees have access to a unique 750-acre recreation park that features community activities, sports events and state-of-the-art equipment. The F. H. Sherman Recreation and Learning Centre includes a twin-pad hockey rink, basketball courts, fitness centres, running track, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, outdoor volleyball, and mini-putt for employees and our families to enjoy.

Dofasco also has three on-site fitness facilities across the plant. Popular classes include lunch-time boot camps, spinning, pilates and yoga.

Complementing these award-winning facilities and events is the Lifestyle Resource Group. This team of exercise and nutrition professionals promote employee wellness through the targeted courses tackling health issues such as weight-loss, smoking cessation and diabetes.

Dofasco emphasizes the importance of mental health too. Counseling services are available to employees and extend to family members to help manage things like stress, marital relations, financial worries, addiction and harassment.

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