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Galvalume PlusTM

Galvalume PlusTM is a coated steel sheet that combines the excellent corrosion resistance of a GalvalumeTM coating with a clear, organic surface treatment. The resin coating is applied over both sides of the GalvalumeTM sheet as a final protective layer The result is an enhanced product with superior attributes for architects, product manufacturers, installers and building owners.

Galvalume PlusTM can be roll formed dry with no lubricants, and delivered to the jobsite dry with no oil on the surface. It resists fingerprinting during handling and installation, and maintains its "brand new" appearance longer.

GalvalumeTM Warranties:

Based on evidence of more than 30 years of exposure in the field, ArcelorMittal Dofasco warrants to the Buyer that Galvalume™ and GalvalumePlus™ steel sold for use as unpainted steel building products and exposed to normal atmospheric conditions, will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate due to corrosion within a period of 20 years for AZM150, 25 years for AZM165 and 30 years for AZM180.

The Galvalume™ warranty by ArcelorMittal Dofasco is the result of proven performance in the field and extensive data from R&D studies. 

NEW!  The Galvalume™ warranties are now available for buildings erected outside the United States and Canada.  For these applications please provide us with building site location information.  

The Warranty certificates are available for download below and please contact an ArcelorMittal sales representative if you require additional information.

20 year AZM150 Domestic / 20 year AZM150 International
25 year AZM165 Domestic / 25 year AZM165 International
30 year AZM180 Domestic / 30 year AZM180 International

Commercial Steel -- ASTM A792/A792M
Structural Steel -- ASTM A792/A792M
Special Forming Steel
Helical Steel Culvert

Standard Coating Weights 
AZM150 150 g/m2 minimum triple spot
AZM165 165 g/m2 minimum triple spot
AZM180 180 g/m2 minimum triple spot
CSP Coating: AZ210 210 g/m2 minimum triple spot
Other coating weights also available.

Size Availability
.30mm (.012") to 2.03mm (.080") thickness
1257mm (49.5") maximum width

Typical End Uses
Pre-engineered steel buildings, industrial and commercial roofing and claddingagricultural buildings, building accessories, light steel framing, Quonset huts, construction tubular, appliance, and automotive.

Galvalume PlusTM Fact Sheet:
Galvalume Plus