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Pre-painted products

ArcelorMittal Dofasco "Pre-Coat" prepainted steel is produced from substrates of  Cold RolledGalvanizedGalvalumeTM or  Tin Mill Products, that are painted in coil form with protective, decorative coatings. The coatings are inorganic and organic-based and are baked-on at our continuous coil coating complex.

ArcelorMittal Dofasco Pre-Coat steel simplifies production by eliminating customer in-plant post-painting. This can produce savings, such as expenditures on post-painting facilities. Further economies can be achieved in space, labour, inspection, fire insurance premiums, energy and pollution control.

The precision of the prepainting process and the many tests conducted before, during, and after production contribute to the consistent quality of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Pre-Coat.

Customers can choose from any of the proven colours* and paint systems available or can request new colour development.

*Colours shown in the following documents are not intended for matching purposes. Please call your supplier for colour chips. 

Steel Substrates

Paint Systems

Size Availability

Typical End Uses



Cold Rolled 

UltraTex PlusTM

Tin Mill Products

Prepainted steel from ArcelorMittal Dofasco is available in a broad range of proven colours. A wide variety of proprietary and non-proprietary paint systems are available in the following generic coating types:


Interior Polyester

Exterior Polyester
Exterior Polyester Series for garage and residential entry doors
Serie Polyester Exterieur pour porte de garage et porte d’entrée residentielle

Granite® Cool Black Information 

Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP)
Perspectra Series Information

High Durable Modified Polyester
Granite® Deep Mat Information EN
Granite® Deep Mat Information FR

Fluoropolymers (PVDF)
10000 Series Information EN
10000 Series Information FR
Pre-coat Metallic-Elite Series EN
Pre-coat Metallic-Elite Series FR
TagTough™ Quality and Performance Specification data sheet

Polyurethane Information

SOLANO® Information EN
SOLANO® Information FR

SOLANO® Brochure EN

SOLANO® Brochure FR

SOLANO® Specifications EN

SOLANO® Specifications FR

Barrier Series


0.150 mm to 1.4732 mm
0.0059" to 0.058"


1562 mm
61.5" maximum


Cladding and Siding 


Racking and Shelving

Residential Doors 

Garage Doors

Major Appliances

Pools (Above Ground/Inground)

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Ceiling Grid Systems

Water Heaters


Automotive Parts

Light Fixtures

Baseboard Heaters