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ArcelorMittal Dofasco produces both single and double reduced tin mill products. Single Reduced product is cold rolled directly to the finished gauge, then annealed.

Double Reduced product is given a partial cold reduction to reach an intermediate gauge, then annealed and given another cold reduction to the final gauge. The resulting product is stiffer, harder, and stronger than single reduced, in some cases, allowing customers to utilize lighter gauge steel in their application.

Electrolytic Tin Plate is a Tin Mill Black Plate product which has been coated with tin by electrolytic deposition. It is furnished in a variety of tin coatings. Electrolytic Chromium Coated plate or Tin Free Steel is a Tin Mill Black Plate product which has been coated with metallic chrome overlaid with film of chrome oxide by electrolytic deposition. ECCS is only available with one standard coating which is equal on both sides.

Tin Mill Black Plate is a light gauge, low carbon, cold reduced steel intended for use in the non-tinned state, for prepainting, or for the production of other Tin Mill Products dependent on end use corrosion protection requirements.

Tin Coated Cold Rolled Sheet -- ASTM A599/A599M
Tin Mill Products
General Requirements --ASTM A623/A623M
Electrolytic Tinplate --ASTM A624/A624M
Black Plate, Single Reduced --ASTM A625/A625M
Electrolytic Tinplate, Double Reduced --ASTMA626/A626M
Black Plate, Double Reduced -ASTM A650/A650M
Electrolytic Chromium, Single & Double Reduced -ASTM A657/A657M

Standard Coating Weights 
Tinplate coating weights may be expressed in the traditional units of lb/base box or in SI units of g/m2. ArcelorMittal Dofasco can supply a full range of coatings from #5 (.5 g/m2) to #100 (11.2 g/m2). Differential coatings are also available.

Chrome Coated Steel, Tin Free Steel is available in the standard nominal coating of 5 mg/ft2 per side.

Typical End Uses 
Food cans and general line/aerosol containers.