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World Class Continuous Improvement

As Canada’s leading flat rolled steelmaker, ArcelorMittal Dofasco knows how important it is to continuously improve the production process. Although, capital investments over the years have ensured Dofasco is at the cutting edge of technology, it’s our attitude to doing business that drives Dofasco ahead.

Being a flagship site for the world’s largest steel and mining company, requires Dofasco to be a world class manufacturer. In support of this elite status, the plant has implemented a World Class Continuous Improvement (WCCI) system.

WCCI works on the premise that a business and its employees are doing one of three things at any given time: restoring, sustaining or improving. With this approach, all employees participate in a structured system that helps identify ways to improve all aspects of our business. The focus of WCCI is to become as efficient and as productive as possible. These attributes are essential to remain competitive in a post-crisis world where the Canadian steel market is 20 per cent smaller, delivery times are shorter and quality requirements even more demanding.

Setting a bold goal of Zero Injuries, Zero Loss, Zero Waste, WCCI addresses all levels of Dofasco’s business. Each employee is encouraged to become a business owner, look at their role critically and implement improvements. The task can be as simple as cleaning up a work space and installing better lighting to avoid accidents, or it can be as complex as inventing an automated basic oxygen furnace to speed up the output of ultra-low carbon and advanced high-strength steels. With this ownership comes a sense of pride, and soon WCCI will become the norm. Using this mindset, Dofasco will gain 5,000 problem solvers as it asks all its employees to confront production issues head on.

A faster and more efficient Dofasco will also help to sustain Hamilton’s manufacturing belt. Many local businesses rely on the steel industry and either supply steelmakers or use steel to manufacture products. To help preserve these relationships, Dofasco’s WCCI program has started to extend beyond its walls and benchmark improvements for local businesses and other ArcelorMittal sites. At a time when many manufacturers are feeling the pressure of smaller and more volatile markets, Dofasco’s future is bright with the help of its 5,000 owners.