ArcelorMittal Dofasco has two significant capital projects underway, including our Utilities Boiler Power Generation project which will enable us to create additional electricity on site.

For your information, on May 22, we will begin to receive a large shipment of materials for this project which will be transported by truck from the Port of Hamilton to a temporary staging site on Milton Avenue. These are oversized shipments travelling through city streets. Logistics and safety requirements are all being met.

The company has also had major restoration initiatives underway for some time at both coke plants (including an $87M CAD investment). As discussed in CLC meetings, during the course of restoration work visible emissions can worsen before step change improvements are seen. Our teams have been, and continue to, work intensely on all of the restoration work to realize the improvements we are looking for and we have been seeing that from the stack at No.3 Coke Plant. Note, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is aware of the work that has been undertaken and emissions are reported accordingly.

The next CLC meeting is in July, and our teams will provide the normal update on our work at the Coke Plants as well as our performance at that meeting.

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