Maintenance activity through May 8 may result in an increase in visible emissions from our #2 Coke Plant.  A section of the gas main that feeds Blast Furnace Gas to #2 Coke Plant has reached end-of-life and will be replaced.

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During the maintenance period, #2 Coke Plant will be fuelled by Coke Oven Gas alone instead of being blended with Blast Furnace Gas.  Coke Plant personnel will exercise additional diligence in managing the coke ovens during this period, but there may be occasional visible emissions.  The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is aware and supportive of our maintenance plans.

In addition, the agenda, presentation and minutes from the April 23, 2015 Community Liaison Committee meeting have been posted to our website at:

The Committee decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for July 23, 2015. The next CLC meeting will be held on Thursday October 22 at 6:00 p.m. in the ArcelorMittal Dofasco head office. The agenda at that time will include a status report on the Coke Plant Restoration Program, as well as a report on our performance under the Site-specific Standard Order related to Suspended Particulate Matter.