The ArcelorMittal Global R&D team of Elie Gibeau (Montataire, France) and Kevin Eldridge (Dofasco, Hamilton) were awarded The American Iron and Steel Institute Medal finalist for their S-in motion® Mid-size Chassis study. The study used currently available AHSS grades for a new steel solution with equivalent system performance that achieved a weight savings of 20 per cent with no cost penalty. An additional 9 per cent weight savings potential was also realized when next generation steel grad...

AISI Institute Medal 475 Kevin Eldridge (Dofasco, Hamilton, second from left) accepts the award from (from left) John Ferriola (Chairman, President and CEO, Nucor Corp. and Chair of the Board, AISI) Sean Donnelly, (President and CEO, ArcelorMittal Dofasco and Board Member, AISI) and Tom Gibson (President and CEO, AISI).

Established in 1927, the Institute Medal and two Finalist Medals are awarded for technical papers having special merit and importance in connection with the activities and interests of the iron and steel industry.  Papers are judged on the potential value to future prosperity of the industry, technical excellence and originality, effective communication and breadth of interest to AISI members.

In the paper’s abstract, Elie and Kevin wrote: “Automakers are pursuing a variety of vehicle lightweighting strategies in their efforts to meet the pending 54.5 mpg CAFE regulations. Chassis and suspension systems need to answer to these lightweighting activities taking into account the technical requirements. This study demonstrates the mass reduction potential of current and next generation steel grades for a mid-size multi-link rear chassis module. Extensive benchmarking data were used to develop a generic baseline design for the module that represents current state-of-the-art in terms of steel grades and gauges used. Comprehensive performance criteria for the rear chassis module were established by performing kinematic and compliance testing of five popular North American mid-size vehicles. Finite element analysis (FEA) was used for gauge and grade optimization of the design using AHSS grades available today as well as next generation steel grades. Using currently available AHSS grades, a new steel solution with equivalent system performance was achieved at a weight savings of 20% with no cost penalty. An additional 9% weight savings potential was realized when next generation steel grades were considered.”

The 2017 Institute Medal was presented to a team of researchers from SSAB on May 22, 2017. The team won for their paper “Development of an Image Analysis Technique for Quantitative Evaluation of Centerline Segregation in As-Cast Products.”