LEED green building certifications have been climbing significantly over the last decade.  At Dofasco, up to 10% of  our construction product line is used in LEED certified projects. While past versions of LEED focused significantly on the energy performance of buildings, the newest version of LEED introduced an emphasis on building material selection.

New LEED credits are now available for building products that have conducted studies on their environmental footprint also known as a life cycle assessment (LCA).  To prepare for these new LEED requirements, Dofasco completed a peer-reviewed LCA study on our cladding, roofing and deck products.

The resulting Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) summary which complies to stringent ISO 14040/44, ISO 14025 and ISO 21930 standards is the first published among North American steel mills. The move enables our partners and customers  to obtain two LEED points when selecting one of our steel construction materials.

Points for the LCA study are allocated as following:

Point 1: obtained for disclosing information on environmental footprint in six impact categories including global warming and energy consumption.

Point 2: can be obtained as a result of Dofasco’s EPD showing an improvement over the industry average in the majority of the environmental impact categories.

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