Our 80th Annual Christmas party was on Sunday, December 18 and it was one of our best yet! Approximately 8,000 people including employees and retirees and their families enjoyed a potpourri of seasonal offerings at our very own F.H. Sherman Recreation and Learning Centre in Stoney Creek. Ours is the largest and longest running corporate party in the region.

Brian Johnston and Lucy

Lucy, 4, receives a gift from one of the toy stations from Brian Johnston, a retiree and volunteer. Brian first attended the party as an infant and has been attending ever since. His father, Frederick, worked at Dofasco and now his son Kevin does too!

We have lots to celebrate including 126 new Dofasco babies who are celebrating their first Christmas and first of many company parties. In fact, over the past five years, we’ve had an increase of about 400 children aged 13 and under. We saw them in droves yesterday – bouncing in the inflatable park, whispering their Christmas delights in Santa’s ear, enjoying juggling, yo-yo and musical performances all while gobbling up ice cream, popcorn and the 70,000 pieces of candy handed out by our gaggle of clowns. Of course a special highlight for the 13 and under kids is choosing a gift to take home!

As our President and CEO Sean Donnelly says, “The Christmas Party is one of the longstanding traditions of our company and as usual, it is our people that make this day so great. The party is a chance for employees, retirees and their families to get together and celebrate the holiday season.”

Want to learn more about the history of the part? Here’s a quick overview.

Our party by the numbers

  • More than 2,000 toys (children of employees who are 13 years and younger receive a gift).
  • 30 buses shuttle guests from our main office.
  • 300 volunteers.
  • 126 families celebrating baby’s first Christmas.
  • Five toy booths, five food stations, three bouncy castles, four carnival games, three cotton candy stations and nine ice cream carts.
  • More than 20 clowns handing out 70,000 pieces of candy.
  • One chance to see Santa!