Cold-rolled sheet steel is produced from hot-rolled sheet with additional processing steps such as pickling, cold reduction, annealing and temper rolling. Cold rolled steel is used for automotive parts, electrical motors, major appliances, industrial packaging, strapping, office furniture and tubular goods.

Full Hard

  • Cold Roll Full Hard is manufactured from hot rolled coils by pickling to remove the surface oxide, and cold reducing the steel through the Cold Mill to the desired thickness in one continuous operation. Full hard product has extremely low ductility and usually requires further processing.


  • Conventional cold roll is produced by further processing the full hard coils to develop the desired end use characteristics such as formability, surface texture, flatness, etc. The full hard coils are first batch annealed and then temper rolled for formability and surface texture, and in some cases, tension levelling for flatness.


  • Commercial Steel - ASTM A1008/A1008M CS Type A, B, C
  • Drawing Steel - ASTM A1008/A1008M DS Types A, B
  • Deep Drawing Steel - ASTM A1008/A1008M DDS
  • Extra Deep Drawing Steel - ASTM A1008/A1008M EDDS
  • Structural Steel - ASTM A1008/A1008M SS (Grade 25, 30, 33, 40, 80)
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel - ASTM A1008/A1008M * HSLAS
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel - Formable ASTM A1008/A1008M HSLAS-F
  • Flux Cored Arc Weld Wire: BenchmARC™, EnviroARC™
  • Fully Developed Structural Steel
  • Intermediate Temper
  • Full Hard Temper

Size Availability

  • Thickness: 0.013” to 0.134” (0.33mm to 3.4mm)
  • Width: 61.8” (1570 mm) maximum



Electrical Steels

  • Corelox is a cold rolled magnetic lamination steel intended for applications in which the stamped laminations or assembled core structures for electrical equipment are annealed to develop the desired core loss and permeability characteristics.


  • Motor Lamination: Corelox™ A, Corelox™ B, Corelox™ C

Size Availability

  • Thickness: 0.019” to 0.031" (0.48mm to 0.79mm)
  • Width: 30” to 48.9" (762mm to 1242mm)



  • Indaten™ is ArcelorMittal’s cold rolled weathering steel that combines atmospheric corrosion resistance and structural strength. Designed for exterior building panels and roofing without metallic or organic coatings. Over time, the steel surface develops a unique purplish-brown, finely grained patina when exposed outdoors.
  • Indaten Brochure
  • Indaten Brochure (French)


  • High Strength Low Alloy - ASTM A606/A606M Type 4, CR Grade 45KSI (310MPa)

Size Availability

  • Thickness: 0.018” to 0.074” (0.46mm to 1.88mm)
  • Width: 30” to 54” (762mm to 1372mm)




  • UltraVit™ is ArcelorMittal Dofasco's Type III vitreous enamelling cold roll steel that has been designed to meet the high-quality demands of the appliance industry. The product’s chemistry and downstream processing ensure the best possible enamelability and formability for its various applications.


  • Cold Rolled Steel for Vitreous Enamelling ASTM A424 Type 3 DS
  • UltraTex™

Size Availability

  • Thickness: 0.014” to 0.080" (0.36mm to 2.04mm)
  • Width: 60” (1524 mm) maximum

Note: Various steel grades and qualities may not be available across Dofasco's full gauge and width capability. Please contact the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Sales Department for further information on specific product availability.  

Our other products

  • Pre-Paint steel

    Pre-painted steel is a steel coil painted before forming using the coil coating process.

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  • Hot rolled

    All flat rolled steel products at ArcelorMittal Dofasco start by rolling heated slabs from steelmaking through the hot strip mill to the ordered hot roll dimensions with the specified chemistry and mechanical property range.

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  • Galvanized

    ArcelorMittal Dofasco produces a variety of hot dip galvanized (zinc coated) steel products using hot roll or full hard cold roll strip depending on ordered thickness. The steel substrate of coated coils can be selected from different steel qualities, from mild steels to advanced high strength steels, and coated with different coating thickness’ depending on the end use requirements.

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  • Tinplate Products

    ArcelorMittal Dofasco produces a variety of Tin Plate products. These products are cold rolled once or twice and continuously annealed to produce Black Plate. The Black Plate can then be coated with a thin layer of tin or chromium through electrolytic deposition.

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