Black Plate

  • Black Plate is a light gauge, low carbon, cold reduced steel intended for use in the non-tinned state, for prepainting, or for the production of other Tin Mill Products dependent on end use corrosion protection requirements.

Single Reduced

  • Single Reduced product is cold rolled to the finished gauge, then continuously annealed and coated with a thin layer of tin.

Tinplate Products 

AM Dofasco produces a full range of tinplate, TFS (ECCS), and blackplate products as defined in the relevant ASTM specifications: 


  • ASTM A623/A623M General Requirements for Tin Mill Products 
  • ASTM A624/A624M Electrolytic Tinplate 
  • ASTM A625/A625M Black Plate, Single Reduced 
  • ASTM A626/A626M Electrolytic Tinplate, Double Reduced 
  • ASTM A650/A650M Black Plate, Double Reduced 
  • ASTM A657/A657M Electrolytic Chromium, Single & Double Reduced  

Coating Weights  

Tinplate coating weights may be expressed in the traditional units of lb/base box or in SI units of g/m2. ArcelorMittal Dofasco can supply a full range of coatings from #5 (.5 g/m2) to #100 (11.2 g/m2). Differential coatings are also available. 

Chrome Coated Steel, Tin Free Steel is available in the standard nominal coating of 5 mg/ft2 per side. ECCS is only available with one standard coating which is equal on both sides. 

For general inquiries about tinplate, TFS (ECCS), and blackplate products please contact the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Sales Department.

  • Galvalume

    ArcelorMittal Dofasco is a licensed producer of Galvalume and Galvalume Plus (zinc & aluminum) coated steel products in Canada. Galvalume is produced through the hot-dip process and is backed up with an industry leading warranty ranging from 40 to 60 years based on coating weight and surface treatment.

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  • Cold rolled

    ArcelorMittal Dofasco produces a variety of cold rolled products consisting of conventional, full hard, weathering, enameling and electrical steels.

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  • Hot rolled

    All flat rolled steel products at ArcelorMittal Dofasco start by rolling heated slabs from steelmaking through the hot strip mill to the ordered hot roll dimensions with the specified chemistry and mechanical property range.

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  • Galvanized

    ArcelorMittal Dofasco produces a variety of hot dip galvanized (zinc coated) steel products using hot roll or full hard cold roll strip depending on ordered thickness. The steel substrate of coated coils can be selected from different steel qualities, from mild steels to advanced high strength steels, and coated with different coating thickness’ depending on the end use requirements.

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