ArcelorMittal operates 12 research and development (R&D) centers across the globe. We employ 1,500 full-time researchers working to create, test, improve and deploy new steel products, processes and solutions.

More than 80 of those researchers work at the R&D Centre in Dofasco. Even though Dofasco’s R&D centre wasn’t formalized until 1956, the company has been grounded in innovation since it became the first Canadian steel company to produce steel plate in 1928.  

Our commitment to innovation includes the obvious - new products and processes. But, we also work on initiatives that will have positive impact on the world. And we aim to capitalize on the opportunities offered to us by today’s digital economy.  

To stay at the forefront of innovation and ahead of the competition, our R&D efforts focus on three areas: 

  • Advancing products, processes and solutions

    We work on technological advancements in product development, process improvement and solution creation.

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  • Solving ecological challenges

    We strive to make steel an ecological solution to the challenges we face as a planet.

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  • Leveraging the digital economy

    We use data to generate cost reduction and environmental benefits for the company, and the world.

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