A three-pronged approach 

  • Products – We create new steels to support more sustainable lifestyles. Think lightweight steels for safer, zero-emission vehicles. Or, steel products that support taller, stronger skyscrapers, and connect high-speed rail systems. Our products are being designed to meet the needs of customers, today and into the future.  
  • Processes – We follow a “process-driven, product development” principle. Our product and process research teams work together to identify and address challenges and improve reliability and efficiency. This lets us make the best quality steel products, at a competitive price, with the least impact on the environment.  
  • Product applications and solutions – We partner with customers in our priority markets, automotive and construction. Together, we co-engineer steel solutions that solve complex and changing needs.  

Dofasco uses biochar to replace coal, reduce GHGs 

To curb GHG emissions and support ArcelorMittal’s Climate Action Plan, Dofasco has trialed using biochar as a replacement for coal in its blast furnaces.

In partnership with CanmetENERGY, the Canadian Biocarbon for Heavy Industry Working Group, and several suppliers and government agencies, the Dofasco R&D team has successfully trialed up to 15% replacement of coal with biocarbon, which would displace more than 40,000 tonnes of coal annually.   

The biochar needed for ironmaking is produced through pyrolysis where waste wood, similar to old wood pallets or forestry residues, is heated to temperatures greater than 500 degrees Celsius for 30 to 60 minutes. This process drives off volatile matter, mainly hydrocarbons and oxygen, and produces a solid carbon product with carbon content, chemical composition, energy potential and ash levels similar to coal.  

Biochar takes bio-based carbon that is already part of the earth’s surface carbon cycle and reuses it, which avoids introducing new fossil-based carbon into the environment. 

One benefit of this carbon substitute is that it does not require any retrofitting or changes to Dofasco’s current assets. 

What is Steligence®? 

Steligence® is a global initiative by ArcelorMittal. It uses scientific evidence to showcase the benefits of steel design in building construction. Steligence® proposes that buildings be considered as holistic entities, which requires broader and more transparent collaboration between architects, engineers and property developers. You can learn more on the Steligence® site.

Why Steligence®?

Steligence® helps to resolve the competing demands of creativity, flexibility, sustainability and economics. The Steligence® approach embraces a broad range of products for construction, which includes steel framing, decking, cladding and roofing. Individually these products add value. Together, they represent a compelling portfolio with a range of benefits for a given project.

ArcelorMittal Dofasco Research & Development has published a series of case studies which examine how Steligence®-based design compares to alternative design materials used for building construction.

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