How are we preparing for the future of mobility?

Automotive manufacturers around the world have committed to electric vehicles in the future. That's fact.

When we consider the future of mobility, we must recognize owning a car may not be a goal for our children or grandchildren. Driverless vehicles will likely get us where we need to go, deliver our goods and revolutionize once again the way we travel.

California-based battery electric vehicle (BEV) startup Canoo has a radical vision for the future of urban mobility. Its flagship BEV, also called Canoo, is designed for a world in which transportation is increasingly electrified, shared and autonomous. Canoo’s unconventional design takes advantage of the flatter structure possible with EV architectures to create much more interior space within its cabin. And rather than being sold to customers, the vehicle is offered on a commitment-free subscription basis, with services bundled in. Learn how steel plays a big role in the production of this driverless vehicle.

Our new Global Automotive & Mobility Solutions website provides endless inspiration and tailored information about ArcelorMittal’s global automotive business.

Content on this site is dynamically tailored to each individual visitor based on your location and browsing history on the site. That’s why the homepage feed you see will be different from the one shown to your colleagues. You can customize the website even further by selecting your job profile and preferred region.

While the site is tailored to your profile, there is a wealth of additional case studies, videos and information available. The site’s powerful search tool will help you to quickly find a particular piece of information.

Clicking on the menu shows the full sitemap, offering you direct access to all pages. 

Another new feature is the ability to create a personal account. By logging in to My space, you will be able to save your 3D car configurations in a safe place, set up e-alert preferences for our latest automotive news, and save your favorite pages for later reading on any device, anytime in the future.

New tools put information at your fingertips

Our brand-new 3D car configurator allows you to explore ArcelorMittal’s best-in-class solutions for a selection of car modules.

You can compare various solutions and apply the one you are interested in to your personal 3D car configuration.

Vehicle designers can use this as a starting point for a discussion with ArcelorMittal about customizing the solution to an OEMs specific designs and requirements through co-engineering projects with our experts.

The updated Global Automotive Product Catalogue offers general and technical information about our complete product range. The tool also includes detailed information about the availability of products in various regions including Europe, North America, South America, South Africa and China. To improve your web experience, you can use the product search tool to find our products by product name, by strength, by product reference, or by coating. In addition to English, the product catalogue is also available in French, German and Spanish. 

The website also comes with a brand-new mobile app which allows you to explore our global product offer. It includes ArcelorMittal’s Global Automotive Product Catalogue and our 3D Car Configurator. This app replaces the existing European automotive product catalogue app.

ArcelorMittal’s Global Automotive & Mobility Solutions website has been designed with automotive professionals in mind. We invite you to explore the tools and information available.

Enjoy visiting our automotive website!

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