Sustainable development is at the heart of our purpose: Inventing smarter steels for a better world.

Steel is and will continue to be key to the modern world. Steel is strong, durable, flexible and reusable. It is the most recycled material on the planet. Yet, we must ensure that steel does not compromise future generations. Steel must evolve to become smarter and more sustainable.

Guided by our company’s 10 Sustainable Development Outcomes, ArcelorMittal Dofasco is transforming the way we operate and engage to help mitigate long-term environmental and social trends. This means we:

  • Continue to produce innovative products and solutions
  • Explore operational improvements that reduce greenhouse gases and minimize our impact on air, land and water
  • Listen carefully to our stakeholders to ensure their expectations are understood and met
  • Provide financial and volunteer support to community programs and organizations working to create a happy, healthier ecosystem

Our responsibility goes beyond producing a product the world depends upon. It’s about finding ways to evolve our operations and actions to protect the world around us and the future generations that will call it home.

Sustainability at Work

  • Advancing products, processes and solutions

    We work on technological advancements in product development, process improvement and solution creation.

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  • Solving ecological challenges

    We strive to make steel an ecological solution to the challenges we face as a planet.

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  • Leveraging the digital economy

    We use data to generate cost reduction and environmental benefits for the company, and the world.

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