Our Environmental Policy

We are guided by an Environmental Policy and operate under a voluntary Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS meets the requirements of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) EMS standard. ArcelorMittal Dofasco is ISO 14001 certified. We are regularly audited to evaluate regulatory and permitting compliance.

What is an EMS? An EMS is a collection of organizational structures, responsibilities, practices, procedures and resources that manage and address environmental issues. 

It helps us to identify, assess and communicate legal, corporate and voluntary environmental requirements. It allows us to review our environmental performance and develop objectives and targets for continuous improvement.

We aim to be a trusted user of air, land and water

We work to earn this trust by:

  • Working toward zero GHG emissions – We are committed to reducing GHG emissions and aim to achieve zero emissions. We have more work to do, but we are moving in the right direction. Learn more about our plans for decarbonization. 
  • Fostering open dialogue with our community – We offer forums for neighbours to ask questions and get information. One example is our Community Liaison Committee (CLC), a group that meets publicly to share and discuss information about our operations and environmental performance.
  • Collaborating with partners and communities – We partner with other companies and organizations to create a healthier ecosystem, such as Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association and Bay Area Restoration Council.


Reporting on our environmental and sustainability performance is key to transparency and open dialogue with stakeholders. It is also critical to becoming a trusted user of air, land and water.

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